Nofollow attribute – What it is and how to use it

The nofollow attribute is a small code created by Google and then adopted by Yahoo and MSN.

 It is a small code that, when present next to a link, indicates to these search engines that the link should not be followed,

that is, it will have no value in improving the positioning of the page that receives the link.

As mentioned in the article ” External Links “, the links that point to a specific page,

help the page in question to improve its positioning with search engines .

Therefore, the nofollow attribute should be added to all external links that originate from partnerships and or that the webmaster will earn something in return, as is the case with affiliate programs and link sales.

 This helps search engines to know when a link was created legitimately or if the link was created out of interest,

thus avoiding positioning the pages of a website well without it really deserving.

Why we should use the nofollow attribute

As previously mentioned, the links pointed to a given page help to improve its positioning.

 If the link points to a partner’s website or an affiliate program, it means that the link is not natural, that is,

it was created with the intention of earning something in return (be it more visits or more money)

This is considered by search engines to be result manipulation,

which could lead to the site that does not use nofollow to be penalized, and in extreme cases,

to be completely banned from search results.

How nofollow is formed

To indicate to search engines that a link should not be taken into account,

you must add the code rel = ”nofollow” within the link structure.

Normal link, without the nofollow
<a href=”> Sanju St Vlogs</a>
Example: Sanju St Vlogs


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