Largest River In The World- Rivers Of The World

Largest River In The World- Rivers Of The World

Largest River In The World- Rivers Of The World

Some of the largest rivers in the world areso large that they can be called giantsbecause of their large size.

In this blog today I will talk about the names of some of the largest rivers and their lengths.

At different times, different rivers have made their place in the first level of the world.

That’s why today in this blog I will talk about the rivers that have made the highest place in the world for their length.

And the blue river in it has moved to number one.

Those rivers are the first place in our list.

After reading our blog you will know which rivers have made their place.

We have made our own list of these ten largest rivers.We made this list according to the maximum length.

Of these,rivers of all

lengths are arranged

from the largest to the smallest.

The rivers that I will talk about today are famous for their length and I have divided them according to their length and listed them between 1 and 10.

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  • Nile: 4,132 miles
  • Amazon: 4,000 milesLargest River In The World- Rivers Of The World
  • Yangtze: 3,915 miles


  • Missouri: 2,540 miles
  • Mississippi: 2,340 miles
  • Yukon: 1,980 miles
  • Rio Grande: 1,900 miles
  • St. Lawrence: 1,900 miles
  • Arkansas: 1,460 miles
  • Colorado: 1,450 miles
  • Atchafalaya: 1,420 miles
  • Ohio: 1,310 miles
  • Red: 1,290 miles
  • Brazos: 1,280 miles
  • Columbia: 1,240 miles
  • Snake: 1,040 miles
  • Platte: 990 miles
  • Pecos: 926 miles
  • Canadian: 906 miles
  • Tennessee: 886 miles
  • Colorado (of Texas): 862 miles
  • North Canadian: 800 miles
  • Mobile: 774 miles
  • Kansas: 743 miles
  • Kuskokwim: 724 miles
  • Yellowstone: 692 miles
  • Tanana: 659 miles
  • Milk: 625 miles
  • Ouachita: 605 miles
  • Hamilton: 600 miles
  • Cimarron: 600 miles

(Source: Kammerer, J.C., Largest Rivers in the United States, US Geological Survey Open-File Report 87-242 rev. 1990)

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