Google Old And News Service List Older Versions



Google Old And News Service List Older Versions


which we know as a search engine, attracts users with different services every day. In this Chapter we will refer to these services.




own gmail to

use most of the Google Services.

If you don’t have gmail, you can sign up immediately.

GOOGLE Technology
Google’s search technology and user interface design differentiates Google from today’s first-generation search engines.


using just

keywords or metasearch technology,

Google relies on advanced PageRank ™ technology

that brings the most

important results first.

PageRank adapts the importance of web pages to an objective scale; it is calculated by solving an equation of 500 million variables and 2 billion terms “terms”. PageRank uses the many connected structures of the network as a regulatory tool. Naturally, Google interprets every link from Page A to Page B as a “vote” from Page A to Page B. Google determines the importance of a page by the votes it gets.




the page that gave the vote.
Google’s sophisticated and automated search methods prevent human intervention.


search engines;

Google is structured in such a way that no one can list higher and change results for business purposes.
Gmail email
(Gmail is Google’s e-mail service. Its area is over 2.8 GB. In the past, a Gmail account was acquired by sending an invitation from a Gmail member or via a mobile phone, and the invite system is no longer used.)

Google Adsense
General purpose earning from websites It is a targeted ad delivery system to content pages set up to achieve. It is the most reliable service for advertising on the Internet.
Google AdWords
Google is a type of service used by companies and organizations that want to advertise on the internet. Organizations and sites that want to reach their audience in the best way can publish their ads by contacting Google AdWorks. They can sometimes get front positions in the search engine. Sites with sponsored links.
Google Analytic
Google Analytics is a free service that allows you to obtain information about your visitors. It gives you information about how, from where and how your visitors reach your site.

It can

be used in

collaboration with Google Adwords service.
Google Answers
A paid service that Google makes available to answer the unknowns.

After logging into your Gmail account,

you ask the question you have in mind,

you make your payment.
Google Base You
can share any information, data, even recipe you want to share with the world here.
sums up the application nicely.

speculation that this service is considered for second-hand sales,

similar to eBay. It is possible to try the service immediately with the Google account you will get with any of your e-mail accounts.

Google Blog Search As
we all guess, a service that only searches between blogs and shares their results with us.
Google Bookmarks
Again, it is not possible to use it without your Google account. A service provided by Google to organize our favorite site list, just like “Favorites” in the web browser we use, or sites like etc. All one click away, under your Google account.

Google Book Search

It is possible to search for words containing Turkish characters.


the fact that the terms you are looking for are displayed on the number of pages in the book with their pictures shows that all those searched books are in the database.
Google Calendar
You need to have gmail to be able to use this service.”
The service, which now has a verbatim Turkish broadcast, is Microsoft Outlook, etc. those who use the programs will be quite familiar.

For those who will use it for the first time,

I think a short explanation in the

form of a diary will be sufficient,

Well the rest is up to you, treat your fingers.

Enjoy Planning,

has a


with Google Calendar …

Google Old And News Service List Older Versions

Google Catalogs
Would you like to make your searches on catalogs?       




in a categorized

format …

Click on the link

By the way, for friends on the subject;




English for this

service from Google.

Google Code
Google has gathered all the people working, sharing and working with the code under one roof. And he wrote the huge Google Code on it. If you do not have English, if you say that I can not buy something with codes … Stop thinking again, maybe a gadget for your website, maybe a Google Map Api (Google map extension), maybe your Google Toolbar smiling at you on your only Firefox. You will do a few more additions. Take your time, make sure that there are parts in the world of codes that will fall for you.
Google Code Search
One of the good services offered by Google.


You can easily find the code you want here.

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