Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps 2020

Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps 2020

Tech-savvy people are looking for new applications to get on the phones. Furthermore, these apps have become an important part of our lives. Most of them are useful to us in need. Therefore, we created the list of the Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps 2020. You can download them at your convenience and use them. Some of them are free while others come with a subscription cost.

  • Q Chat

Q Chat (Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps)

Another cool app is the Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps 2020. It is a chat room application. Furthermore, people can connect with their closed ones anytime through the app. You are not required to do the login procedure again to open the app. You can get into the app with the automated process. Still, Q Chat is not a finished product yet. It is available on the Playstore and you can download it free.

  • ScreenHive


A trending digital well-being app is ScreenHive available on Playstore. It has a few similarities with Facebook’s chat heads. The latest app created and designed in a way to keep the track of your screen time presence on your phone. However, you may feel bad after looking at the timer that you spent a day on the phone. ScreenHive is the best option so that people can stay away from their phones.

  • Calendar.AI

Calendar.AI is a new and updated version android application for the person who makes the frequent use of calendar apps. The android app comes with features that are beneficial for business work. It has a smart schedule that helps in meeting planning, scheduling, and organizing. Additionally, it has a clean functional UI. The developer along with his team worked on creating native support with the other essential applications like Zoom Meetings, GoToMeeting, Webex, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Calendar.AI is a paid app and the user has to pay  $4.99-$9.99 (monthly) and $49.99-$99.99 (yearly).

  • LitePass (Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps 2020)

The LitePass app listed all the lite versions of the popular apps. You can download the latest app and then explore the lite versions of applications. LitePass application redirects you to the Google Playstore to download the app. Additionally; the developers are frequently updating the apps. You can get a big number of new apps on it.

  • Bibino Baby Monitor

It is a rarest and the android app on baby monitoring. The primary phone user will get the data and in the secondary, one will receive the videos of the baby. Bibino Baby Monitor supports wifi and internet connections. The Night Light feature is available in it. Through the voice mode feature, you can connect with the baby. The android app is free to download. The user required to pay the charges $3.99 monthly and $19.99 yearly. Last but not least is the Bibino Baby Monitor app in the Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps 2020. Through this app, the parents can take off their baby.



COVIDWISE is an official app to keep a record of the coronavirus patients in Virginia, USA. It is free of cost the latest android app. The application has designed with the support of the government officials of the Virginia region. It is necessary to have this app on your phone if you’re in Virginia, USA. If you encounter the coronavirus positive patient then you notified. Several features are beneficial for the people in the pandemic period. Therefore, we added this app in our list of the Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps 2020.

Conclusion: Best Trending 6 New Launched Apps 2020

In the list of the 2020s launched apps, you can find a wide variety. We listed the application COVIDWISE that is beneficial to track the coronavirus patients and other essential things in the pandemic. With the help of the Bibino Baby Monitor app, the working mom-dad can easily take care of their baby. You can set the timings of your appointments with the Calendar AI app.



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